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By now most of you have seen the images and videos being shared by fellow Bloggers on Tommy Tippee’s Instagram page about the Gro Company and some of their amazing products. This lil cherub of mine was lucky to be gifted some of the Gro products to test and review once he has made his appearance. Exciting Times!!!!!

The Gro Company is committed to safe sleep, but most importantly better sleep. As part of our hamper, we received the following:

GroSwaddleDry; GroSwaddle; GroEgg2; Groshell; GroBag 1.0 tog; GroFriend; GroLight

The GroSwaddleDry

This product is made of quick drying hypoallergenic Puredry Microfibre which is soft, super absorbent and snug as a bug. The unique shape has been specifically designed to recreate the calming and soothing effects of swaddling after bath time. It has a cute little character embroidered on the hood. We have Poppy the Penguin. You can use the GroSwaddleDry from Birth to 6M.

What excites me about this product?

I love that it is made out of highly absorbent puredry microfibre; its quick drying. With most of Hudson’s towels they have become pretty harsh after a wash. The fabric of the GroSwaddleDry stays soft after washing. It has a cute little hoodie to keep baby’s head warm after bath. It can also be tumbled dried on low heat.

The GroSwaddle

The Hip-healthy GroSwaddle is a soft, stretchy cotton wrap to help settle young babies to sleep easily and keep newborns comfortable for naps and night-time. It had a clever pocket to ensure that legs are in a natural position that is important for correct hip development. The GroSwaddle can be used from birth up to 6.5 kg. You can swaddle your little one with arms in or out up to approximately 4 months old.

What excites me about this product?

With Hudson, I never really swaddled him that much. For the most part he was swaddled whilst in NICU. I love that the product is 100 % Cotton and that it can assist with hip development. Also, no ability to overwrap and get too warm. I can not wait to get swaddling with our little man. It is also machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat.

The GroBag

The GroBag Baby Sleep Bag replaces traditional blankets that keep your little one safe and cosy. Depending on the room temperature, using the GroBag guide, you can decide what baby wears on their body and which tog (thickness) GroBag. The Travel GroBag offers the option to use in a car seat/stroller as well. The weight of the baby will determine which size to choose. There are weight guidelines on the back of the packaging.

What excites me about the product?

Hudson was always a kicker and most notorious for kicking the blankets off at night. With thus GroBag his little brother will be snug as a bug

The GroFriend

The GroFriend light and sound sleep aid comes with four sounds to help settle baby to sleep. A soft cuddly plush toy for baby, the GroFriend has the added benefit of a CrySensor that helps baby settle back to sleep. The CrySensor listens for baby and plays white noise or a lullaby if they cry. This can be done with the parents having to do it. An adjustable glowing nightlight also helps comfort baby. The GroFriend teaches baby to self soothe and the hanging loop makes it convenient to use at home, on the go in a stroller or in the car.

What excites me about the product?

I love that it has an innovative CrySensor. It has 4 soothing adjustable volume sounds- Heartbeat, Rainfall, White Noise and Brahms Lullaby. The Sounds play for 20 minutes. There are three different levels of light, that automatically switches off after 30 minutes. The surface is wash only and this little guy, Ollie the Owl is suitable from birth.

The GroEgg

This has got to be one of my favourite from the range. This a colour changing room thermometer that makes it easy for you to check that your little one is resting at the correct temperature. Adjustable brightness allows it to be used as a nightlight and to find a level that suits your baby’s sleeping needs. The GroEgg Shell comes in threes; Oona the Owl; Percy the Penguin and Mikey the Monkey.

Image result for GROEGG

What excites me about this product?

Knowing what the temperature is. We live in the Boland, so we experience very hot Summers and very cold Winters. I also love that it can double up as a nightlight. Hudson and his brother will be sharing a room, and I will be able to feed the little man, without having to put on all the lights in their room.

The GroLight

The GroLight transforms a bayonet light into a multi function night light and bright light in one. It uses LED’s that can be adjusted to create the perfect night light. It is also very easy to use. You remove the bulb from the ceiling fitting or lamp and insert the GrLight, place the bulb in the top of the GroLight. Use the switch on the lamp or wall to action the night light or main light. One click will bring on the night light, two further clicks will bring the main light on.

Image result for GROLIGHT

What excited me about this product?

The fact that you can control the brightness of the room. Again, since the brothers will be sharing a room, I would like to not disturb Hudson during feeding times. It is also the perfect nightlight for every stage of your little one’s development. It is so easy to install, that I can do it myself. Most importantly it is energy saving. This recommended retail selling price is R299.99

I can honestly not wait to get started on our Gro Company journey. You can find the products available from:

Charleys Boxes

Baby City


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