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Becoming pregnant is such a blessing. Being 37 weeks this week, the time has really flown by. I knew that I wanted to document this time, the same way I did with my first pregnancy, by doing a maternity shoot. Our first maternity shoot was outdoors and during Summer Time. I wanted something unique and different with this pregnancy. Something that was both unique and creative and would take you down a whimsical lane. The very first photographer that I contacted told me that she does not do maternity shoots for the fuller figured woman. To say that I was gobsmacked by her answer would be an understatement. Her answer made me feel anxious and I wondered if the rest of the world also viewed fuller figured women like this, during pregnancy.

I have been following Artifex Creative Photography for a few years now, and I have always admired the creativity that goes into each shoot that Chrissy Bruwer does.

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Chrissy Bruwer, the talented and award winning photographer and owner of Artifex Creative Photography

“You are allowed to be a masterpiece & a work in progress at the same time”

The heart of my business is strongly built around women and turning what they see as imperfections, into beauty. I have a beautiful studio in Durbanville. Here each client is welcomed by my dedicated team of professionals who are ready to assist in making each client look and feeling amazing.

I contacted Chrissy and we set up a meeting to have a chat about the shoot. Because of my Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction diagnoses, I wanted to do the shoot before 32 weeks. I did not know if I would be able to manage the closer I got to my due date; and I am so glad that Chrissy was able to accommodate me. My other concern was, that there would be no dresses that would fit me. I was so wrong. The dresses are styled to make any body type amazing. I literally found myself counting down the days to the shoot.

The morning of the shoot

I was so flustered the morning I arrived at the Artifex Creative Photography Studio. It just seemed that everything was going wrong that morning. As soon as I stepped into the studio, her assistant and herself made me feel at ease. We started off chatting and I immediately started feeling relaxed. This was my morning, to transform into a pregnant goddess and I had been looking forward to it for so long. We started off with make up and hair. I loved that they are able to do everything in the studio. Location shoots are also offered, but I loved getting to choose the dresses and changing.

The transition

This is probably my favorite part. Here are some sneaks

The Shoot

I am beyond thrilled with my photos, and am definitely planning on having a few of these printed. Can not wait to do our newborn shoot as well. Let me know what you think of this shoot in the comments below.

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  1. Lorencia

    Wow Ciscka, following your pregnancy is being amazing. I’m due 5October and being able to following another woman’s pregnancy for guidelines and help is nice. I wish you a blessed labour. May your new baby be all your heart desire.

  2. Carien

    Beautiful xxx big fan

  3. Leandra Krige

    You looked like a Goddess!! You are such a stunning person in and out!! Lots of love x x

  4. Charne Parsons

    Gorgeous photos

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