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One year ago…

I still remember the night of 7 September last year, when I started my blog on Word Press. Hudson had just gone to sleep and I was busy getting ready pumping milk, which felt like the millionth time that day. I was exhausted, tired and most of all emotionally drained. I needed an outlet, and the universe opened its arms and I decided there and then, that it was time.

The past year has been one hell of a journey, not only through Motherhood, but just life in general. Have I become a stronger person, oh yes! but most importantly there are a few lessons that I have learnt in one year of blogging.

Starting a blog

I have had so many messages of people wanting to start a blog, but they did not know how or where to start. The first question, I always ask is “Why do you want to start a blog?” Answers would vary from, “I want to get free stuff; I want to go to events, I want to have more followers” etc. The biggest question you need to ask yourself is what purpose do you want your blog to serve. If you really want to take on blogging seriously, you have to approach it like you would any other job. What you put in, is what you will get out. It is as simple as that.  Your content and knowing your audience is key!  It does not matter if you have been blogging for 20 years or started 5 minutes ago, if you do not have great and engaging content, the road will sadly end right there. Here are a few things that I have learnt in one year of blogging.Image result for blogger

Be Unique

Nothing will set you apart from the rest than being uniquely you. Follow your heart and share your interests. It’s already so difficulty to live your own life, why go through all the trouble of creating an insta perfect life? Do not be discouraged if your first few posts only have a few views. Encourage and share your blogging journey with your friends and family. But most importantly, be patient. Be patient with your growth as a writer, engagement, reach and following.

Be cautious

If you haven’t read my Think Twice post yet; then do so now as its very applicable here.


It can be very easy to compare yourself to others. Do not do it; it will de-motivate you, it can break you down to the point where you question everything and anything. Remember it is imperative that YOU find joy in what you do.


On your blogging journey you will also find that it is very important to network. BUT do not cross the line. The number 1 rule is- never ask a fellow blogger for email addresses of a contact person at PR Agencies.  So, how does one network? Have your media kit and stats ready and email agencies with clients that you would like to work with. There have been a few recent blogging workshops, and the feedback from attendees have been wonderful. If you can, attend these workshops. Network with your fellow attendees, share your social media platforms with each other and from there support one another.

Find your niche

What are your interests? Writing about what interests you is so much easier than writing about something that you have no knowledge about and does not interest you at all. Always remember this, overthinking something can mean overkill. Work according and live according to your standards and interests. You have to be creative, and you have to be engaging with your content.

Stay in your lane

Stay in your lane, because there will be less traffic. Need I say more? Sensationalism sells, gossip sells or in this case increases your following? Do not get involved in drama or the politics of the blogging world. People can be very nasty, insecure and jealous. It has definitely happened to me where a rumour spread about something-something. I do not entertain or engage in lies, so it was nipped in the bud, very quickly and addressed with facts.Being dishonest and petty are two things that I do not entertain. I always believe that karma is a biatch, so come for me and be sure to feel that burn in your bum hole.

In closing, I have made some amazing Insta friends. Some I have met in “real life” and some I cannot wait to meet. I have cried and I have celebrated with so many of you. Building your brand takes time and patience and can be frustrating at times. But, do not let anyone discourage you- BE YOU!

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  1. Megan

    Oh I loved this! May they feel the burn in their bum hole -hahaha! Adore you! You’re such an inspiration xxxx

    1. Cisca

      love you too my friend

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