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For the month of May, we spoiled the Moms, so it is only fair that we give some credit to the dudes in our lives. Presenting the Definitely Awesome Dude (DAD) Giveaway Series (See what I did there). With some amazing local brands,we are ready to spoil the man in your life. A little bit about each brand below:

Underwear that you wish was outer wear

The founders Siya Kolisi and Tim Whitehead have history – from classmates to teammates, their progression from the rugby pitch to the boardroom was a natural and easy one for them. Frankees was born from a desire to give guys an exciting alternative in underwear with maximum comfort levels, while still allowing them to look fresh and remain on-trend. Frankees are designed to make you feel great, look your best and give you the bold edge you need to make your moves with confidence. Frankees do not only cater for men. Ladies they have you covered (pun intended) From matching with your man, or just doing you. Feel the comfort with Frankees with unique and fresh designs that are on trend. Its true, you will wish that your underwear was outer wear.

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Mini Me

Personalised Lego Gifts

Create your own version of yourself . Read the blog post I did on my own Mini me here:

Shop online:

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Kathy and Muller

Thoughtfully making gift boxes for someone special Including corporate gifting, weddings and special anniversaries Somerset West Cape town, RSA

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La Boutique Eye wear

Boutique Optometrist with  Exclusive Unique Stylish eyewear

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Good Threads

Bamboo socks  that are made exclusively in Cape Town, South Africa ; Eco packaging and shipping throughout SA

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Custom Vinyl & t-shirt printing, laser cutting & engraving. Wedding decor & stationery. Personalised baby goodies & room decor.

Shop online: Coming soon

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Mevrou and Co

Mevrou & Co. is a small tee shirt company based in Cape Town. They print uniquely South African expressions on high quality 100% white cotton tee shirts. The idea behind the brand is to enjoy each other’s otherness! Mevrou & Co. is definitely doing something to contribute towards South Africans celebrating diversity!

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Pura Stainless SA

Healthy HomeBox was established with a vision to provide the best quality non-toxic products. With a strong passion for all things natural, a lot of inspiration coming from always looking for the best, healthiest options for. This has paved the way to the Healthy HomeBox which is a portal for carefully researched, top quality, natural products for the whole family.

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Get Sauced

Elevate your entertaining with their range of gourmet artisan sauces and condiments. Made fresh to order each bottle is packed with only goodness.

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DAD Giveaway Series Steps:

Six Day Series (One Giveaway a day) Six Winners
Start Date: 4 – 9 June 2018
Winners will be announced on 11 June 2018

1. Follow all the brands above

2. Share this blog Post

3. Enter on Facebook and on Instagram

4. Final step, leave a comment on this blog post and tell me how much your Dad, husband, partner means to you and which prize/prizes you would like to win for the man in your life.

5. Winners will randomly be selected and announced on 11 June 2018.

Good Luck!!!

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  1. Naomey Lottering

    My dad means love to me. He gave me an unique name so that I can always be special. He allowed me to do everything boys would do and still support any decision I make.

    He is not tech savvy or modern so he would probably like the get sauced prize.

  2. Dawn Clarke

    My Dad is an amazing strong, kind man. He has taught me my values and morals, and how to stand up for myself. I love him more than any man in this world.

  3. Kim Muller

    My husband is such a hands on dad and with 3 kids he needs to be lol. He’s amazing and I’d love to win anything from Mevrou & Co, La Boutique Eyewear, or Kathy and Muller.

  4. My husband means a lot to me , he is my world my everything & a good working hard fathe, husband,a son & a brother. He work as a security guard & always at work, this Frankees Underwear will be perfect for him , to show our appreciation, He really deserved comfortable underwear as he work hard & always standing. Please choose him to win this prize for Father’s Day gift.

  5. Simone Abrahams

    I would love to win the Frankees underwear and a Kathy and Muller hamper. They all actually awesome products. My husband is truly a fantastic father. Not only to our son. But to his nephews a great uncle and to his God children an amazing God Father. He will sacrifice himself and selflessly do for them any day any time. When Kai was small he bathed him everyday for 2 years. Cos I was too scared to hold such a small baby. He worked so I could be the homemaker. He makes sure Kai feels confident and loved dearly. He is always at home with his family , nothing makes him happier.

  6. Jameelah Rajah

    My Dad is my rock. Even though I’m married with 3 children, he still looks out for me and takes care of me, like he did before I got married. He’s always ready to offer advice and lend a helping hand, despite him being 63 years old.

  7. Cindy Menigo

    My partner and I have been together for 11 and half years. We happen to share the same birthday on June 11 so let’s hope we get a surprise after this giveaway! He is the most hands on dad to our 8 year old daughter and is the best dad according to her as he spoils her whether it be with time or small little priceless gifts. Fashion is his name so Frankees and Mevrou and Co would be the best item for him as that is what he loves. Family always comes first and and he will do anything to ensure they are happy and looked after. Let’s hope we can win something to spoil him this Father’s Day!

  8. Dorianne Rogers-Booysen

    Not only do I have the best Dad to myself and my sister I have the best Husband who is the best Dad to my James and Annebelle
    With a loving and forgiving heart,a person who goes the extra mile to make his babies happy.
    A person who really deserves being called a DAD

    I would love to win each of them a pair of Frankees
    And if not that anything else

  9. Carla dos Reis

    My husband become a dad in 2013 for the first time. He is my partner in crime, the milk to my shake, the Lilly to my jolly. Love to be sharing the adventure of life with him and our two boys. The Frankees would be awesome to win, hubby loves a good pair of underwear.

  10. Nthabiseng

    My husband means a lot to us because he sacrifice’s a lot, even though he lost he’s job he still finds ways to support us,I would love to spoil him with Frankees under wear.

  11. Sonja Kuhnel

    Kinda difficult to choose between my dad and my hubby! LOL….I am deffo a daddy’a girl and when they say one tends to marry a guy like your dad….well…box ticked!
    My dad has so many qualities that I strive towards : he worked so hard to get to the top after starting at rock bottom ans always had a minute to spare for us….he is always always there with wise advice though in his quiet way guides us in a subtle,loving manner.
    Hubby….a total rock through anytime…just like my dad….Honesty, loyalty, trusting and no-nonsense …..he is the backbone of our family…and he is an absolute marshmellow when it comes to our little girl! He is the perfect daddy for her and he loves her unconditionally with all her challenges and mischievous giggles <3
    Both these men are encouraging and engaging, caring and wise…I love them sooooooooooo!!

  12. Bhavana Singh

    My darling husband means everything to me because he loves me unconditionally and shows me in a million different ways. He is so selfless as he always puts my needs before his own needs. He says that making me and our kids happy, makes him the happiest man in the World! I would Love to Win him a pair of Stunning, Exclusive, Unique, Stylish Eyewear from La Boutique Eye Wear! Thank You For This FABULOUS COMPETITION! You are Truly an Inspiration!

  13. I think my Dad simply the best because he is always putting others needs before his own and deserves to be spoilt and treated for once. I would love to win the Kathy and Muller giftpack for him as it is very personal and something he would appreciate 🙂

  14. Zayne Khan

    My dad is the best. i know we all say that..but he’s strong and bold, dark and deep, he can be sweet tho mostly he has a black sense of humor..definitely single origin, expresso type, while many find him intense..when it comes to solid advice, he’s still the only one we turn too! Not just his kids but his friends, family and in laws too!

  15. Simone Nunes

    I would love to win these prizes for my partner who is an amazing father. He would rather spend every waking second with the kids than anything else in this world. He deserves the pampering for a chance! Yes please! Xo

  16. Simone Nunes

    I would love to win these prizes for my partner who is an amazing father. He would rather spend every waking second with the kids than anything else in this world. He deserves the pampering for a chance!
    Good threads
    La Boutique eye wear
    Yes please! Xo

  17. Leandra Krige

    My Dad was the perfect Dad, he lived for his kids and was always supportive what we did!! He was always there for us- His family came first. My Dad passed away in a freak accident in 2006. I started to date my husband, Richard, in 2004. So I feel so blessed that he knew my Dad. Richard has the same qualities than what my Dad had when it comes to family- Family comes first!! From the moment he heard I am pregnant he went into Daddy mode, the first cry of Hunter I got tears in my eyes when I saw the look on his face- pure love for our gorgeous boy!! He is there every step of the way for our boy, be it learning to climb our staircase to riding his scooter or just a giggle, he is always there. The best Daddy for our little Hunter

  18. Anusha Naidoo

    Thanks to my dear dad that I am a successful , independent , confidant person . He instilled in me good values , morals, the importance of education and being charitable.His wise words echo and are etched in my heart as I travel life’s journey and also knowing that I am not alone and I have my dad beside me through life’s happiness and sorrows, the good and the bad ….blessed with a amazing dad. ❤❤❤❤
    Kathy and Muller hamper.

  19. Jade Adams

    What an awesome hamper of gifts. As a hospital dad my hubby definitely deserves this! Since baby was born we’ve been in an out of hospital so we’re pretty pro at it now. A new hospital though always throws off what you know so at our last hospital visit the wifi and signal was terrible! It made updating family terrible and we had a super tough night after the operation. I slept over and was super grumpy in the morning, hubby rocked up with COFFEE and our WIFI router!!! This man knows the way to my heart! He has been working from home, paying medical bills, holding everything together and he deserves the biggest thank you and treat ever! And I know my super stylish man would adore some sunglasses and frankees undies! *holding thumbs*

  20. Bev Oelofse

    My husband is a wonderful and caring person. He is always there for myself, our children and grandchildren. He would be over the moon to win somehing like the gourmet artisan sauces and condiments

  21. Dannette de Koning

    Oh my another competition and this time for my hubby! My husband means the world to me and now that he has become a new Dad I didn’t realize I could love him more!! He has been hands on from the time we found out I was pregnant and nothing stopped when our precious boy was born. He is there for midnight feeds and nappy changes even though he has to work the next day. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband and Daddy #iloveyoujasondekoning
    I would love to win and gift my husband with the Frankee’s outerwear and Good Threads bamboo socks.

  22. Nelia De Oliveira

    My husband cooks for us every night after a 12-13 hour work day. He is our Personal Chef, our Bob the Builder, Handy Manny & we are so lucky he is ours! He is such a foodie and I would love to win the Get Sauced hamper although all the others are amazing too!

    1. Cisca

      Thank you Nelia, have you registered for the blog newsletter? Good luck

  23. Dawn

    I would love the La Boutique Eye wear for my husband he is the most amazing father ever, having gone through years of pain and suffering due to an accident, yet still worked 2 jobs at a time, working 7 days a week to help our daughter get through school and University, he never gives up and is a shining light in our lives

    1. Cisca

      Thank you Dawn. Have you registered for the blog newsletter? Good luck

  24. Mary-Ann Furcey

    My husband and I have been together for 18 years; married for 14 this month! We have 3 beautiful children, have had our ups and downs but I wouldn’t want to do this parenting thing with anyone but him!

  25. Mary-Ann Furcey

    My husband and I have been together for 18 years; married for 14 this month! We have 3 beautiful children, have had our ups and downs but I wouldn’t want to do this parenting thing with anyone but him! I would love to win the Kathy and Muller prize for him!

    1. Cisca

      Thank you Mary-Anne, make sure that you registered for the blog newsletter. Good luck


    Love this blog! My dad….an interesting man with the best sense of humour and open mind! Love him to bits! xx

    1. Cisca

      Thank you Maryke! Make sure to register for the blog news letter . Good luck x

  27. Abbygail Van Rooyen

    My hubby is the coolest Dad. We have 4 kids between the ages of 6 & 19. He helps with chores, homework, assignments even cooking to make my day a whole lot easier. I would love to win a pair of shades from La Boutique Eyewear, my hubby loves a good pair of sunglasses.

    1. Cisca

      Thank you for your reply. Just making sure that you registered for the news letter as well . Good luck

  28. andrea bester

    My hubby is a super star .Great with our daughter .Very hands on , he is the type that doesnt ask for help or expect anything in return .So it is always nice to suprise him . Think a personalised gift box or item would be really nice. On todays giveaway the biltong snack and apron would be something he would love.

    1. Cisca

      Thank you Andrea, make sure you registered for the newsletter on blog as well. Good luck x

  29. Michael van Niekerk

    My father, is honestly the kindest, most generous and most selfless man I know. He’s an architect, but he’s also very involved in our church. He works in Stellenbosch, and our home is in Bellville, so he wakes up at 6AM every morning to drop all of us at school and university and then drives through the traffic to get to work before 9AM and he’s late most mornings, but doesn’t complain one bit. I am at UCT now and the fees are unnecessarily high so my father does as much private architectural work as possible to help pay for my university fees. He sits up till way past midnight working on private work just so that he can pay my fees and provide for us. On top of this, no favour or want of ours is too big and he always tries to please us and puts his family before himself. He is EXCEPTIONALLY EXTRAORDINARY and this is why he is the best father. I would like to win either the Kathy and Muller prize or the La Boutique Eyewear prize.

    1. Cisca

      Thank you Michael. Your Dad sounds amazing! Have you registered for the newsletter on my blog? Good luck

  30. My hubby is the best dad ever so loving, caring, kind and compassionate always putting others needs before her own. He is always there to lend a helping hand whenever needed. l could not ask for a better hubby, married for 32 years and still enjoying life together. l would love to win Kathy and Muller giftpack for him which he would love but any other prize would do.

  31. Leandra Du Toit

    My dad is our super hero, he is the best dad anyone can ask for and an even beter grandpa. He always puts his kids and grandkids first. There is not enough words to describe what an amazing man he is. I love him to the moon and back.

    1. Cisca

      Thank you for your reply Leandra, have you registered for the blog newsletter? Good luck

  32. Nikola

    My hubby is my rock, my best friend, and the best father to our daughter. I would love to win some sexy undies for him

    1. Cisca

      Thank you Nikola. Have you registered for the blog newsletter? Good luck

  33. Julie Ann Kreusch

    My dad Brendon Germaine is unique and rare he was the first guy ever to do the Dusi Marathon on a Stand Up Paddling Board. He is caring and loving to all of us and his big bear hugs that he gives are incredible we love him so much. Swager Like Jagger
    pair of shades from La Boutique Eyewear for my dad.

    1. Cisca

      Thank you for your msg Julie, have you registered for the blog newsletter? Good luck x

  34. Bronwyn Arendse

    I would love to win the sunglasses for my husband and father of our 2 precious girls. Not only is he a hands in dad, he always makes sure he’s girls comes first and only gives them the best of everything. He is such a modern day dad and husband, we share the household responsibilities as well as chores where our girls are concerned which is very rare nowadays.

    1. Cisca

      Thank you for your reply Bronwyn, have you registered for the blog news letter? Good luck x

  35. Abu Yousuf

    My dad’s passed on a few years ago, but I still feel his absence very keenly. My son was born after the demise of my dad, but I try to raise him with the same values that my dad raised me.

    1. Cisca

      Thank you for your reply Abu, have you registered for the blog news letter? Good luck x

  36. Taryn

    My dad has given us the most amazing life and I would love to spoil him with any one of the awesome prizes! My fave is Mevrou and Co though! X

    1. Cisca

      Thank you for your comment Taryn, have you registered for the blog newsletter? Good luck x

  37. Annette Hamann

    My husband means the world to me. He’s the best husband and definitely the model father. He is also my best friend and my pillar of strength. We have been through so much together.
    Sometimes I feel that I just can’t cope because of medical challenges in our family but then he gives me the strength somehow and I manage. He’s amazing. I know he would love a decent pair of sunglasses for sure. Hope to be a winner

    1. Cisca

      Thank you for your reply Annette. Have you registered for the blog newsletter? Good luck x

  38. Lynique

    As a young newly married couple,myself and my partner were expecting our first baby together to be born in August,unfortunately the journey was cut short as we lost the baby in April to anencephaly. At heart he is still a dad and we will still be celebrating fathers day and i would like to surprise him with something special. It hasn’t been a easy journey but he has been so amazing and your posts with baby Hudson gives me so much hope to look forward to starting a healthy family again ❤❤❤❤

    1. Cisca

      Thank yo Lynique, have you registered for the newsletter on my blog? Good luck x

  39. Zayne Khan

    My dad is such an important figure in our life, the impact he has made with his sacrifice, his open mindedness, his views on education has enriched our lives greatly. My dad is a stern Muslim man from very humble beginnings who at a young age of 22 married a young Hindu girl who just lost her dad..he raised her 4 young siblings along with his own kids. He has educated, fed and clothed us while trawling on fishing boats, he taught us that education is imperative and his girls to be self sufficient. He’s truly magnificent ♥

    I would love to win something for him.
    Pura or Frankees or Minime..anything!

  40. Darlene

    How i would love to win this for my husband. It is his first fathers day and he us the most amazing dad to our 4 month old.

    1. Cisca

      Thank you Darlene, have you registered for the news letter on my blog? Good luck x

  41. Ummi Yousuf

    My dad is my hero, hardworking, reliable, loving and always looking out for my best interests. He always supports me in all my endeavours and he’s always ready to give encouragement. ❤️

    1. Cisca

      Remember to subscribe to the newsletter

    2. Cisca

      Thank you Ummi. Have you registered for the newsletter on my blog? Good luck x

  42. Ilke Robertson

    I would love to win something 4 my hubby.. he is truely a worldclass father and does anything for his 2 girls. They are privaleged to have a father like him..❤

    1. Cisca

      Yeah! Remember to also register for the newsletter on my blog. Good luck x

  43. Chané

    I think this is a wonderful giveaway for “DAD’S”. I think my dad would love these, he is hard working person, like most dad’s, but to me my dad works 19hours straight some days from 2am to 9pm. He is also on the roads alot for work in other areas.
    I’m thankful that my parents can give me the opportunity to obtain my Bachelor’s in Education…

    1. Cisca

      Thank you for your message and also registering for the newsletter. Good luck x

      1. Chané

        Thank you very much. I love your blog. Would be fabulous to win this amazing hamper GIVEAWAY #6 for my DAD. Have a nice evening further.

        1. Chané

          I like GIVEAWAY 6, but GIVEAWAY 2 is also my favourite. Any of those would be lovely to win for my DAD. So many awesome GIVEAWAYs…

  44. Rentia

    Wouldn’t be half sane if it wasn’t for my husband e.g. tag team partner! His live would be enriched with a Pura stainless steel water bottle. Classy, environmentally savvy and absolutely key to keeping easily hydrated .

    1. Cisca

      Great! Thank you for the comment Rentia. Have you also subscribed to the newsletter? Good luck x

  45. Bianca Moses

    3/4 of our nation is growing up Fatherless and great fathers are often hard to find. I’m blessed with an incredible dad and lucky to have a husband that fathers like a boss!My own dad recently moved away to another province while we have stayed behind and for the first time in my life my dad is not close by to call to help fix something, to come over for tea or to randomly visit. I would love to win with any of the brands but specifically get sauced for my dad. Then for my gorgeous husband that sacrifices so much for me and our daughter I would love to win the eyewear giveaway.

  46. Simone Nel

    It melts my heart when I look at my husband and the way he is living his dream…being a father. I appreciate him more and more every day. I would like to win any of the awesome prizes for him as he deserved to be spoiled.

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