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Four of NUK cleaning favorites in one reusable handy storage  crate

The New NUK Hygiene Crate includes a NUK Baby Bottle Cleanser, NUK Hygiene Cleanser, NUK Laundry Detergent and NUK Stain Remover .

Key Features of the NUK Hygiene Crate •Comes in a handy storage, reusable crate •Makes a great baby shower gift •Environmentally friendly •

NUK Bottle Cleanser

The NUK baby bottle cleanser is especially developed for cleaning baby products such as  feeding bottles, teats, breast pump accessories, baby dishes and soothers. Its gentle formula is safe for babies and allows moms to clean baby products without a second thought and in a way that’s right for babies.


•Effectively removes milk proteins, pulp and juice residues due to enzymes protease and manganese

•Enzymes are ‘natural helpers’ which catalyze biochemical reactions

•Natural ingredients

•No aggressive substances •Biodegradable (according to OECD) •pH skin neutral Free of perfumes and dyes

How it works

NEW NUK Hygiene Cleanser

The New NUK Hygiene cleanser is a reliably and environmentally friendly cleanser that dissolves many types of dirt, for hygienic cleaning of surfaces and objects including textiles. Its the perfect help for worry-free, gentle cleanliness around your baby.


•Removes many types of dirt in a reliable and environmentally-friendly way

•Cleans surfaces and objects hygienically, such as cleaning of toys, textiles (e. g. prams), high-chairs, floors, changing mats, potties and much more •Leaves no residue •Mild formulation for babies

•Contains no alcohol, solvents or preserving agents •Contains no allergenic fragrances; •Dermatologically tested

NUK Stain Remover

The NUK Stain Remover gives strong powerful support against tough typical baby stains and yet is gentle to a baby’s skin.


•Dermatologically tested: gentle to a baby’s skin

•Effective, nature-based formula •Increases the cleaning power of the NUK Laundry Detergent

•Especially for typical baby stains such as milk, vegetable puree or fruit •Developed by baby product experts for use in family households in particular

NUK Laundry Detergent

The NUK Laundry Detergent  is based on an effective cleaning formula with natural enzymes which help to remove stains and provides gentle hygiene for baby laundry.


•Dermatologically tested: gentle to a baby’s skin 

•Effective cleaning formula with natural enzymes •Active ingredients can be rinsed away completely

•For approx. 12 wash loads from 20° C to 90° C  •Developed by baby product experts for use in family households in particular

The Hygenic Crate will be available from Takealot and Baby City

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  1. Jetaime Naidoo

    All in one! Where can I get this crate included please?

    1. Cisca de Kock

      Hi love, you can get it at any Baby City

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