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Have you spotted the new products from McCain South Africa? They recently released three new products that hit the shelves just in time for Spring. Over the next few weeks I will be cooking with McCain and prove that you can make delicious recipes for the whole family from frozen vegetables. Look out for their new Diced Beet root

FS_Diced Beetroot

Diced Potatoes as well as new Rosemary and Garlic Sweet Potato Fries. The first recipe I created for Heritage day was my Mashed Potato Puffs. The boys love these puffs but it’s always been so time consuming to make. First you have to wash the potatoes; then peel; then cut; then boil and mash. With McCain South Africa’s new diced potatoes- it’s literally as easy as snapping your fingers!

You will need the following:

👉🏽 McCain Diced Potatoes (one pack makes 12 puffs)
👉🏽3 Eggs
👉🏽 One cup of Cheddar Cheese
👉🏽 Parsley or any herb you prefer
👉🏽 Bacon bits ( you can leave this out if you want)
👉🏽Salt and Pepper or any spices that you prefer
👉🏽 Parmigiana Reggiono to sprinkle on top! You can also use Parmesan Cheese


Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees

  1. Steam your @mccain_sa diced potatoes from frozen – see instructions on the pack.
  2. Use a stick blender or blender to blend your diced potatoes.
  3. Add your eggs
  4. Add your herbs
  5. Add your Salt and Pepper or other spices you’d like to add
  6. Add your bacon bits
  7. Mix all together
  8. Use some Bake and Spray for your muffin pan
  9. Fill each muffin cup
  10. Top with Parmigiana Reggiono
  11. Bake for 30-35 minutes
  12. ENJOY!!!!

Happy cooking everyone!

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