Cooking Series with Jamie Oliver- Sweet Chilli Chicken

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Photograph Levon Bliss

The below recipe is from Jamie Oliver’s Cook book 7 ways. I have adapted the recipe slightly.


4cm piece of ginger

Half a bunch of coriander (I will leave this out of Hudson’s and Levi’s bowl)

1 Skinless piece of chicken (I am going to use 4 – Jamie (yes we are on first name basis’s recipe serves 2 people only)

2 tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce (I will be using 3 spoons)

1 250 g of cooked rice ( I normally use one cup of rice to cook and its enough for the boys)

Mixed stirfry veg ( I am going to use McCain Asian Stir fry)

2 Large eggs (I am going to use 4 eggs)

1 tablespoon low-salt soy sauce (I will use 2 tablespoons)


  1. Peel the ginger. Pick half the coriander leaves and put aside, then finely chop the rest with the ginger.
  2. Add the chicken breast to a board and chop until you have a fine like mince consistency- use some salt and pepper for taste
  3. Wet your hands and divide them into balls- place in a pan with some oil, and cook.
  4. When cooked add the sweet chilli sauce and set aside.
  5. In another pan, throw in the cooked rice and stir-fry veg with the soy sauce.
  6. Beat the eggs and divide between the two pans- mixing the one half of the egg mixture with the rice and stir-fy and letting the egg mixture cook with the chicken balls (think omelet)
  7. Plate the rice stir fry mixture and then slide the omelette mixture on!

This is my dish!

Happy Cooking

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