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Ok! Here goes! You know the feeling you get when you first meet someone and it’s almost like you’ve known each other for ages??? Well that’s how I felt when I first DM’ed Salma from KidCoCo. I saw two sets on her Instagram feed and just knew I had to have it! I asked her to please keep it aside for me as I’ve overspent on clothes for Hudson for the month and I would only be able to sneak past my hubby next month. And you know what she said YES! A week passed by and I just couldn’t wait any longer, I was curious to see the outfits on Hudson and also to check out the quality of the clothing. I made payment the Friday and she posted on Saturday, sending me all the details I needed to track the parcel.  When the parcel arrived it was like opening a Xmas present. The personal touch was there and I immediately felt like a special customer. Some pics!!!!!Ta Da!!!


ECE4D1BB-47A3-4902-9049-3A631D9E735301629DC0-922E-4906-AFC8-257A12D53D514CF567BE-1E66-4444-9D20-E7C4F13F672DAAD59AA5-6077-4105-BD62-A3E560F493F2How adorable is my little man in these outfits? I LOVE the quality of the clothes. I’m especially pleased with the romper as he can wear it during summer and winter with a longer top underneath. This will definitely not be the first and last time that I order from this AMAZING small business.

You can find KidCoco on Instagram

@kidcoco3363 or

Facebook : KidCoCo

You’re Welcome!

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