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I love cooking, I just do not want to struggle putting together a weekly menu. Firstly, it takes up way too much time. Time that I would rather use for something else. This week was our third week trying out UCOOK. Instead of ordering the box meals for 4, we ordered the box meals for 2. I have to admit that one of my fears were that it might not be enough to feed four adults and one toddler. So we, put it to the test!

How it started

Just to give you the back story of UCOOK. In 2014 David Torr and Chris Veste Cohen decided that they wanted to provide people with healthy, ethically and sustainable sourced meals. The most important for them was to provide not only the taste factor, but a convenience factor as well. From packing 24 boxes out of their garage, they are now sending thousands of boxes out to their clients from their warehouses in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

UCOOK’s Philosphy

By now you know that I love a brand that connects with its name, even more so when the philosophy of the brand encompasses the following goals:

  1. Local : UCOOK supports small batch farmers as well as up skill programmes. There is no greater feeling knowing that you are supporting and giving back to your community.
  2. Organic: Have you ever driven around to find organic produce? Not really something you want to do on the weekend right? Well, as far as possible, UCOOK sources organic ingredients.
  3. Seasonal: It only makes sense that if you want to be more sustainable, being seasonal should be one of your priorities.

In my previous email about UCOOK click here, I wrote about my own experience. In this one I will go into a little more detail on the following:


Easy as 1, 2, 3. Firstly sign up. Set your payment method. Have a look at the different meal options and once you have decided what you would like in your box add to your cart.  I love the fact that I am not bound to only one category. I can mix it up. For the week we had one easy peasy meal, one vegertarian and one health nut meal.


You do not have to pay an additional delivery fee. You are also able to specify if there is a specific time that you require your box. The best thing for me is that my deliveries were both done early mornings as requested.


In my previous email, I also raved about the packaging. Everything you need is in a brown bag, telling you by when the meal should be prepared by. I also love that there is not an over excessive use of plastic and that I could literally walk to the refrigerator pick up the brown bag and start cooking.

Portion Size

A box meal for 2, fed our family of 4, plus one.  That impressed me the most. I did not have to add more ingredients to the pot to “fill” it up.

Quality of the food

If you are looking to tantalize your taste buds with different flavors and tastes, then you will not be disappointed.  Each meal took us on a different journey. I will definitely order from UCOOK again on a weekly basis. Being a busy full time working Mom, is tiring already, and then having the addition of cooking and shopping, brings even more pressure and stress. Another thing that I love about UCOOK is that one can pause and resume your account at any stage. You are not bound by a subscription, where you feel pressured and have to order for the week.

Would you like to give UCOOK a try? Now is your chance! Simply click  here and enter my discount code below and you will get 30 % off your first order.


For your convenience you can also click on the UCOOK ad on my blog website which will take you directly there.

Celebrity Guest Chef’s

Acclaimed musician, J’Something from Mi Casa and a judge on the South African version of My Kitchen Rules has taken over UCOOK’s kitchen. You get the opportunity to cook his favorite dishes and share the experience with friends and family. We cannot wait to start cooking this week.


I have one UCOOK box to giveaway. Three meal kits with two portions per meal.

Follow these steps:

1.Comment on this blog post with the answer to the following question:

“What appeals to you most about using the services of UCOOK?

2. Enter on Facebook or Instagram by tagging a few friends whom you think will also love to win

3. Giveaway closes on 29 August 2018 and the winner will be announced on 30 August.

4. The winner will be randomly drawn from this post and checked to see if all the steps have been followed.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please note that UCOOK only delivers in the following areas; Cape Town; Johannesburg and Durban
  2. The Giveaway is open to South Africans Only.
  3. All steps have to be followed.
  4. The prize can not be exchanged for cash.


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33 thoughts on “UCOOK-

  1. I love the Ucook idea as its everyday ingredients I get to use in different ways and makes me feel like i am making nutritious clean good food with fresh, wholesome foods for my family xoxo

  2. Fresh delicious ingredients. New recipes to get you out of a boring cooking routine. Just enough ingredients for the recipe, thus no wasting of food at all 😀

  3. Well the ingredients look fresh and of quality. It’s very well thought for busy mums, balanced meals made easy for us. So yes that’s what I need in my life!

  4. The portion size sounds amazing! Diego loves his food, he will eat his portion & have some of ours. So a portion of 2 that serves 4 is really awesome

  5. I love that it takes the time out of thinking of new & different meals to cook each night & you get just enough ingredients to make a good meal, without wasting!

  6. I love the fact that I don’t have to think what to cook. The ingredients are more than enough for my family.
    And it looks soo fresh.

  7. The ease and convenience appeals to me the most. I also love that I don’t have to buy and waste leftover ingredients. I’m so excited to try out new delicious recipes.

  8. It takes care of the “what’s for dinner” question we have almost every night. The ingredients look fresh and the recipes look easy and simple enough for even the most green cook (like me) to master.

  9. As a working mama, UCook just makes life easier. It’s easy, convenient and leaves you with more time to spend with the family.

  10. I love that the ingredients are just enough for your meals & everything can just be easily put together (no brain work lol) & the fact that you can set a delivery time is great!

  11. the fresh and high quality ingredients, not having to run about town to get what I need, not having to work out the proportions needed for my recipe

  12. I love the fact that it allows you to cook tasty new dishes that I would probably never have made before! Plus it’s super convenient and easy!

  13. The portion size, the delivery time and how easy the steps were to follow. Convenience at your finger tips is simply just a click away.

  14. I think the best answer would be that the meal is already made up for you and it’s definitely a huge time saver. As a mom of a 15 month old you do not have time to prep food, sometimes i still have to do this as he gets clingy and then he is on my him. #UCOOK #itsamomslife

  15. I love the idea of trying new types of recipes away from our ‘routine’. It’s so easy to fall into a habit of buying the same food all the time!

  16. Just not having to think what must I cook tonight take away that daily grind “What we rating tonight”

  17. Ingredients is sourced locally. The ingredients is organic and seasonal and your package gets delivered at the time you request it.

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