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We made it through the first quarter of 2021. Can you even grasp that concept? Reaching the month of April, feels so momentous, considering the current state of affairs. There is just something about the month of April that I love. A new season means it’s time to recharge, relax and break away. Travelling to Elgin Vintners for a sneaky one night sleep over at their 4 Star Country Guest House was just what we both needed and longed for. Since visiting Elgin Vintners last year in November, I have wanted to take Daniel there. We had planned a trip in December last year, but then it was lockdown.

A true sense of place. Minimal Intervention, Maximum care.

Nestled in the heart of the Elgin Valley, surrounded by majestic orchards of apples and pear trees, you will find Elgin Vinters. Upon arrival we were met by Casper van der Merwe the Country House Manager and immediately felt welcome. We checked into the Syfret Honeymoon Suite. The suite has one of the most beautiful bathrooms I have every seen.It sleeps two guests and rates include daily breakfast, coffee & tea that is available in each suite. DSTV and WiFi is also available. Your stay includes a complimentary wine tasting. After checking in with Casper, we went to our room. The first time I saw the Syfret room, I was blown away, and it did not disappoint the second time around.

If you thought this was spectacular, then check out the bathroom.

After unpacking we headed off to the tasting room. You are able to choose which tasting you want and while you are there, also order a few pizzas. According to hubby it was the best pizza he has every tasted.

The weather in Elgin is perfectly set around 24-28 degrees, something that we were not use to. We are use to the upper 30’s at least. The pool looked inviting so, we headed on over. There was something in the air, resonating with the clouds, everything was just so picturesque.

To end off the perfect day, we had a platter and a bottle of Belle Ami Rosé waiting for us when we went back to our room. If you would like to have dinner prepared for you, you can also request this on your stay at an additional cost.

It is always the sense to detail that leaves a good impression on me. The crisps white linen sheets. Exquisite quality and comfortable pillows and just the small touches of amenities. And of course enough, extra towels.

Your stay at Elgin Country Guest House, also includes a hearty breakfast which will keep you fuelled until lunchtime. During Summer, breakfast is served on the veranda, where you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Also, take in the beautiful and luscious lawns and stop for a visit at the fairy garden.

Elgin Vintners has so much to offer and I would highly suggest that you see this as a breakaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take your favourite book with you, lounge around the pool or take in a tennis match or two. Then lastly, if you are lucky enough to meet the wine maker Marinda be prepared to be amazed by how she has perfected her craft. Her passion is clearly seen in the way she elevates her wines. We may or may not have returned home with 7 boxes of wine. This will always be one of my favourite places. Thank you for hosting us.

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