Starting my ABC Boot camp 8 Jan 2018

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Its the new year, and as MOST people so often do…they set new years resolutions. I have been there and done that, and for the most part that I can remember anyway these resolutions almost always started off with, I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT. The longest that I would stick to these resolutions would be about a week and then they would be forgotten. This year however, I am not setting New Years Resolutions, but instead I am setting goals for myself, FIVE goals to be exact. One of those goals is not to lose weight, BUT to invest in myself #investinyourself.

To me this does not mean to sniff a carrot every hour or so, but to be aware of what I eat and also to invest and make time to exercise. Let me give you a little back ground. When my husband and I got engaged, I knew I wanted to wear a specific style of dress and for that, I had to obviously lose some weight. In the past I have been on every single diet you can think of, accept that Cookie diet, which to me just didn’t make sense at all? I lost some weight and gained some weight and became a true example of the yo-yo effect. When I decided to lose the weight for our wedding I decided to listen to my body. I soon discovered that everyone is different. What works for you might not work for me and vice versa.


Picture on the left was before I started and pic on the right was the day after we got married  (21 December 2014) This was probably the skinniest I have been since high school, but I worked hard. I ate smaller portions and I worked out 6 times a week. I know it was a bit excessive, but if you are a bride to be, you will know the pressure of wanting to look and feel amazing on your big day. I was able to maintain the weight for a year, and then when we decided that it was time for a little one and I fell pregnant, my weight ballooned.



I remember on the morning we checked in after my water broke, I had to step on a scale. Throughout my pregnancy, I refused to get on a scale. I didn’t want to look, but I did anyway. It was the heaviest that I had ever been. I had gained 30kg while pregnant. After three weeks of having had Hudson, I had lots 20 kg and was/am still holding onto that dreaded 10 kg that just do not want to leave me.

I decided that I would love to look in the mirror again and see a confident woman staring back at me. For me confidence does not mean being a skinnier version of yourself. It means that you feel confident in your skin and you love how you feel and look in your clothes.  I started eating healthier and also started exercising slowly and getting into a routine a few months ago. I have always wanted to join a boot camp, but the fear has always been there, that I would be the weak link in the tribe and voted out because I could not keep up. Well! I am doing this FOR ME! And seeing that Adventure Boot Camp is for women, I know it is the perfect platform and fit for me and what I want to achieve.

I am starting my journey this week and will be documenting my honest experience with you. I have signed up and I am ready to go! First impressions of the website, it is easily accessible. Bonus! You also get a free meal plan that fits your needs and your goals.


The above is my eating plan for the next four weeks, based on my BMI and also the goals I have set for myself. Sooooooo are you ready to kick start 2018 into a better and healthier YOU? Join me on my Challenge and Conquer Movement . And don’t forget to use  #investinyourself #committoyourfitness

Before I love and leave you, Adventure Boot Camp for women has also launched a 21 day No Junk Food Challenge. Come on! You can do this with me too!

PS: I measure myself in the fit of my clothing, so will take a picture of a pair of jeans I wore before pregnancy and will take one wearing the jean again after the four weeks with Adventure Boot Camp for Women.



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