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Summer Fashion Flair

About Summer Fashion Flair Last week I attended the Summer Fashion Flair, hosted by Julie from Off the Rails. Julie Ranzani is a Cape Town based fashion and trend consultant who started Off The Rails 13 years ago. She has many years previous fashion buying experience with a leading retailer and is passionate about clothes. With a watchful eye on the fashion trends and what the shops have available, Julie can assist you in creating a wardrobe that is stylish […]

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James Bensen

A few weeks a go, I introduced you all to a company called James Bensen. I needed some help in choosing one of the five frames that I chose of their website. A little refresher here: The Process So how does the James Bensen Process work? Easy! You click on their website here The service is pretty straight forward and easy to use. James Bensen offers a 5 days, 5 pairs of sunglasses service. You select 5 different frames ( […]

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Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon Review

As little girls we’ve all had fairy tale dreams and wishes of being Sleeping Beauty. Lying on a bed, surrounded with roses, birds tweeting a soulful melody in the back ground, while Prince Charming leans in and awakens you from a deep sleep. I met my Prince Charming a few years ago, so that has been ticked off my list, but the Sleeping Beauty part, well that was non-existent, UNTIL… Sound Sleep Cocoon, from Dermalogica. What is the Sound Sleep […]

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