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Angelcare AC327 – Video, Movement Monitor –

It is can be quite nerve-wracking for a new parent to bring an infant home. There is nothing like worrying about your child when it comes to SIDS, no matter how healthy they are, a parent will worry about this . If I had to ask you, which Baby Monitor is trusted , your first answer would be Angelcare, right? And you would be right! With Hudson we had one of the older models, which still worked perfectly after 5 years […]

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NUK Nature Sense Rechargeable Breast Pump

When it comes to breast pumps, I can honestly say that I have tried and tested them all. The NUK Nature Sense Rechargeable Breast Pump definitely tops them all, and here are my reasons why. I made the personal choice to start pumping quite early on, when Levi was about two weeks old. With Hudson it was important to me that his Dad also started bonding with him. Starting him on the bottle early also meant that I would get […]

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NUK Micro Express Plus

When it comes to the sterilisation of soothers and bottles one looks for a product that is fast and effective, yet affordable. As well as one that can enable thorough sterilisation. The NUK Micro Express Plus, ticks off all of those boxes. Express sterilisation takes 4 minutes. The NUK Micro Express Plus is fast and effective and serves as the ultimate convenience. It offers thorough sterilisation for up to 4 feeding bottles + accessories. It is also compact and ideal […]

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